BLOG: Thankful for Our School Staff in the Aftermath of Sandy Hook

When I heard about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. How could someone commit such an evil act against innocent teachers and elementary school children? I kept asking myself what is wrong with our society? How does something like this continue to happen to innocent men, women and children?

As news of what occurred came pouring in over the weekend, it was even more horrific than originally thought.  As a mother of two elementary school students, I struggled with how to explain what happened to my children and convince them that schools are safe.

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On Sunday night, my husband and I sat down with our kids and talked to them about the shooting. We touched on the incident trying to explain that what happened was very rare. That schools are very safe. More importantly,we focused on what to do in an emergency situation. We went over lock down procedures practiced at their school and emphasized that teachers are there to help protect the students and guide them through scary situations.

As I drove into the school’s parking lot Monday morning, tears started flowing down my face. My daughters  jumped out of the car without a care in the world. The teachers saw my face and teared up as they promised to protect my children.

I have a new respect for the four secretaries that sit as gatekeepers in the school’s front office. I never understood why I had to sign in just to drop off my daughter’s lunch.

I’ll never question that  again.

There is no sense to the madness that happened on Dec. 14.  The experts will talk about for a long time. Should assault weapons be banned?  Are we doing enough to help the mentally impaired? Should police officers sit outside schools?

I will never make sense of the Sandy Hook shootings but I will hug my children a bit longer before I send them off to school;  rejoice in the fact that we have teachers and school administrators who put the safety of our children first; and  that sometimes things do not make sense but we have to march forward so that evil does not prevail.

Feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

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