VIDEO: Creating a ‘Smokey Eye’ at Girls Night Out in Lothian

In November, we covered a story about a Lothian woman, Lisa Caltabiano. who earned a pink Cadillac working for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Caltabiano comes from a prominent South County family. Her maiden name, DeCesaris, might be familiar, the Geaton and Joann DeCesaris Cancer Center at Anne Arundel Medical Center is named for her brother, Gaeton DeCesaris, Jr. and his wife, Joann.

For many years, the DeCesaris family lived on the same street in Lothian, with more than a half-dozen homes situated together, kind of like the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod. What’s great about this arrangement for Caltabiano is that her sister, Ida Sukalo, is also a Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director and lives right next door.

Which brings us to our story and the video.

Each Monday, Sukalo opens her home to Mary Kay beauty consultants. The basement of her home is all about Mary Kay. There is an inventory room. Awards and recognitions line the walls. There is a demonstration area and dozens of chairs are arranged as if a conference for 50-plus people might take place at any time.

We stopped by to see what the weekly gatherings were all about.

Scroll down for more to the story after the video.

Sukalo’s Monday night event in mid-December focused on how to do a smokey eye with false eyelashes, just in time for the holidays. A dozen women—friends, family and others with an interest in Mary Kay—sat around a table while Sukalo, Caltabiano and other Mary Kay beauty consultants helped out.

It was a fun evening for the women in attendance. The beauty consultants learned some new beauty tricks, the friends and family learned how to put on false eyelashes (something Mary Kay doesn’t even sell—Sukalo picked them up at the drug store), and the two sisters spent time together doing something they love to do.

At the end of the event, Sukalo and Caltabiano took a moment to talk about Mary Kay and the business responsibility and personal freedom it gave to the women, allowing them to be mothers and wives when necessary and independent businesswomen at the same time.

We’re running the video in time for New Year’s Eve—the perfect time to try out false eyelashes and the smoky eye look if you haven’t tried it before.

To reach Ida Sukalo or Lisa Caltabiano, check out their Mary Kay pages by clicking on their names.

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