BLOG: ‘The Holidays’ Are No Excuse for Not Exercising and Eating Poorly

I am not sure about most people, but at this time of year, specifically December, people feel the need to give gifts of food that I normally would not consume on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my ice cream every night after dinner, but that is usually my treat for the day. So, typically I pick up a few unwanted pounds in December—strictly from consuming too much of the wrong things.

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Don’t let a few holiday goodies sabotage a healthy eating routine.

It also seems like we become so busy that we sometimes sacrifice things like going to the gym and just figure we will make up for it in January.  Famous last words, “I will get serious after the New Year.” It is so much harder if you fall out of your routine of working out.  As most people know, what we eat needs to be a big part of any weight loss/management, body composition routine.

My personal training has been one of the best things I could have done for myself, especially at this time of year. I have been meeting with my two trainers, Ross and Bri, weekly, and on my off days, do the TT360 training.

I must say that the personal training has certainly been a life-saver.  Not only am I being held accountable to making my sessions, but while I am there I am being pushed to limits that are showing results.  I have not only maintained my healthy weight during a time that I have never been able to, I am also seeing my body composition change.

My percent of body fat has decreased and I can really tell that I am getting stronger.  I have increased my weights for most of my upper body exercises and just generally feel great.  My core is much stronger and flatter, as all of my personal training sessions have a component of building the core muscles.

This time of year so many of us just say, we will take care of our bad habits after the New Year.  I too believe during the holiday season you need to be able to have fun and not deprive yourself of all the fun. However, if you stick with a steady, consistent workout regimen, the effects of the holidays will not take its toll as much.  A good personal trainer is one of the best ways to hold you accountable to your goals.  I plan on continuing with my trainers into the New Year.  I feel like if someone has the power to motivate and inspire me to be my best, how can I live without that person in my life?

On a side note, in reference to nutrition, Results U in Edgewater has just added a new Smoothie bar that is over the top.  They had smoothies before that I would drink everyday as my mid-morning snack and really liked but now they changed to all natural fruits in each one.

They actually cut up the real fruit and they taste delicious.  You have to remember you need to refuel after your workouts in order to lose weight and build muscle. I am surprisingly drawn to the green monster.  It has kale and spinach in it.  If you can get past the green color, it is yummy and contains a good amount of protein, nutrients and vitamin’s all in one drink with minimal calories.  It is great as a meal replacement or a snack.  They also have them especially for kids, so if you struggle like I do to get my kids to eat all their fruits and vegetables, these are a great alternative.

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