South River Cheerleader Featured Guest Star on “Secret Diary” Episode

Maison Baker, 16, is a South River High School senior who spent time earlier this year in Texas filming her role as a guest star on “Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader 2: The Fierce One!” The show is a television and web series produced by the Cheer Channel, part of the Dish Television Network.

Maison on the set of the TV show.

Secret Diary will begin airing Jan. 30th, but Maison isn’t sure exactly when her guest starring role on the show will air. The series will be available on TV for those who have Dish Television and online for those who don’t

Maison said that she has been involved in cheerleading since kindergarten. She got involved in All Star cheerleading in third grade. All Star cheerleading is its own competitive sport, separate from sideline cheerleading.

In All Star competitions, both boys and girls perform a 2 minute, 30 second routine made up of pyramids, dance, cheer, tumbling and stunts. The routines are performed to music and tightly choreographed. The participants in All Star cheer teams compete at local, regional, national and even worldwide competitions.

Pyramids can be all the cheerleaders in the group, or breakout to form a couple of pyramids. The dance and choreography components require precision timing and coordination. The cheers are the vocal component.

The tumbling aspects are taken from gymnastics, typically things like back handsprings and cartwheels are executed. Stunting refers to lifting a cheerleader—lifts— or tossing her up in the air. The cheerleaders that are tossed around are known as “flyers.”

Maison participates in the All Star component and also does sideline cheerleading for South River High, where she is a member of the varsity squad. Once the football season ends, the cheerleaders compete at county, regional and state level competitions.

“Winning the State Title twice was such an amazing experience and unlike any all star competition,” Maison said.

At school, she doesn’t have a favorite school subject—at least not a consistent favorite.

“It seems to change with each semester. Sometimes it’s math, chemistry, or English depending on the teacher and subject matter.”

Maison’s father is active duty military and she said that because of her father’s profession, the family moves every couple of years. She said that cheerleading has helped her transition to new places.

“Cheerleading became the one constant thing in my life. As soon as I got to a new place I found an All Star gym to join. It was a great way to make new friends. And practicing 10 hours a week kept me busy until things started to feel like home,” she said.

The guest role was her first acting experience, which she claimed, “may be evident on the show.” She credited her older sister Kaitlyn, a freshman at St. Mary’s College in Indiana, as the actor in the family. Maison said that when the family lived in California, Kaitlyn went to a Performing Arts High School and was very involved in musical theater.

Maison currently has an internship at iHop in Edgewater and is taking culinary classes at South River. She has a Yorkie named Snickers who, Maison said, “doesn’t think she is a dog.”

Look out for Maison competing regionally at All Star Cheer competitions and on TV and online in Secret Diary of a Cheerleader 2: The Fierce One.  We’ll update this story when we have information on the date and time the show is expected to air.

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