Debate Teams from Central and Mayo Prepare for Thursday Showdown

Should School be Year-round?

Central Elementary School debate team members will argue the Pro side of that question while Mayo Elementary School debate team students will argue against it at a public debate at the Edgewater Library on Thursday night starting at 6 p.m.

Central’s debate team preparing to take on Mayo.

Central Elementary fifth grade teacher Christina Cooper and reading resource teacher Beth Burke along with Mayo Elementary reading resource teacher Nancy Behringer are the faculty advisers at their respective schools. They have helped the fourth and fifth grade debaters prepare for the face-off.

The Debate Clubs at both schools got their start in the fall. Inspired by the presidential debates taking place during the 2012 elections, students at both schools signed up for the club. The teachers, with the backing of both principals—Jan Haberlein at Central and Kirk Greubel at Mayo—set the date of January 31.

Teams have been meeting once a week to research debate topics and practice debating techniques.

At Central, Cynthia Clark, a family attorney, came to talk to the children about how good debating skills can come in handy in a number of professions, including the law.

A few weeks ago, the topic for the Central vs. Mayo Public Debate was selected and presented to the children. Since then, students have been researching and discussing how full-year schooling works in other places.

The topic is a hot one in education circles. A number of school districts now have year-round schooling. Basically, students are on for 10 weeks, then off for two, giving students four vacations a year.

On the other side of the argument, there is nothing more traditional than summer vacation.

Wait. I’m not on a team.

Hear what the kids have to say on Thursday. The debate at the Edgewater Library is open to the public.

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