Shady Side Students Postcard Project Yields Cash for Bay Recovery

Each year, Language Arts teachers at Shady Side Elementary School have their students write a persuasive essay. In Mrs. Molly Tremel’s class, her students wrote to their representatives in the United States House and Senate about Chesapeake Bay restoration and recovery. Generally, that is the end of the assignment. This year, a group of students took it one step further.

They decided to take some of the artwork they created to accompany their persuasive essay and make postcards out of them to sell. They want to give the money they earn to support Bay recovery efforts through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Tremel said that the students already knew about Bay recovery and restoration after growing oysters as part of the Maryland Grows Oysters program. The students use a dock at Discovery Village a short walk from the school campus to grow their oysters from spat over the winter.

They would need seed money for their fundraising and they decided to go to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). So the students, Jay, Kate, Gannon, Jack and Jay put together a business plan. They decided they’d print 2000 postcards, 500 for each of four designs. They’d sell the postcards in packages of eight (two of each design) for $7.  If they sold all of the postcards, they’d make $1,520 after paying back the PTO for the loan.

They estimated that they’d need the following:

  • Printing: $140
  • Packaging: $40
  • Displays: $10
  • Miscellaneous: $20
  • Total: $210

The cost per package is .88¢.

They presented their package to the PTO last week. In their powerpoint presentation to the parents group, the children wrote:

The 5th grade students are hosting a fundraiser by selling student created postcards to raise money for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to clean up the Bay.  We will try to achieve our goal by selling postcards to parents in the community and in Anne Arundel County businesses. We hope you can help us. Thank you for your support!

The PTO decided to give them the green light and the postcards are now being printed. The children will sell the cards to parents. Any unsold postcards will be offered for sale to businesses in Anne Arundel County.


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One Response to “Shady Side Students Postcard Project Yields Cash for Bay Recovery”

  1. This is a great project and one that really displays the creativity of the students at Shadyside. Keep up the good work and count me in for some of those post cards if your parents don’t buy them all. Did you know that serving the community together as a group like you did is an act of kindness – to the Bay, to each other and to future students. Great Job! Mr. Joe

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