Del. Bob Costa of Harwood is Shaving His Head for a Cause

South County’s representative to the House of Delegates in Maryland’s General Assembly Bob Costa is shaving his head in a few weeks. That’s right. In the middle of the state’s three-month legislative session, he’s stepping out to have all the hair shaved off of his head.

Del. Bob

Now to be honest, Costa is (ever so slightly) follicly challenged. Either that, or he has a really high forehead. Still, the bald look after March 10 will be something that his South County constituents will just have to get used to.

Now, you might be wondering why. Why is he doing this? Is it some kind of a political stunt that the three-termer is pulling?

The truth is that yes. It is a stunt. But its a stunt for a really great cause. He is doing it, along with 18 others on the Baldtenders team, for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Since 2004, the St. Baldricks organization has raised millions of dollars for childhood cancer research. In 2012 alone, they raised more than $33 million.

St. Baldrick’s was founded in 2004. It is the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising program for childhood cancer research. Participants agree to shave their heads and beards to raise money and awareness for the foundation’s work. Men and women both participate. Aside from the Shavees, there are also volunteers who help out at the event.

Kelly and Aaron ‘Hoss’ Mitchell.

The Baltenders team is made up of Galway Bay bartenders and friends. Aaron “Hoss” Mitchell and his wife Kelly are team captains. Capital newspaper reporter Pat Furguson is also on on the team, along with Naval Academy history professor Michelle Kerns.

On Feb. 7, they held a fundraiser at Galway Bay, earning $800 towards their group goal of $50,000. In past years, the Baldtenders team has raised over $30,000.

The shaving will take place on March 10 at Fado Irish Pub on West Street in Annapolis. Shaving begins at 12 noon.

To contribute to the Baldtemders goal before March 10, stop by Galway Bay on Maryland Avenue on any Thursday evening in February or March when guest bartenders will help to fundraise for St. Baldricks. If you’d like to contribute to the team goal online, click here.

To see the shaving, stop by Fado on March 10.

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