BIZ BUZZ: ATW Closes, While Honey Hive, Chads BBQ and Think Tank Therapy Opens

ATW Hardware is closing. Owner Ted Kramer is the first to admit he’s had a good run at ATW Hardware, but he’s getting out while the getting is still mostly good. He is closing his Edgewater store after 26 years in business. We ran into Kramer on Independence Day as he was putting the “Going Out of Business” sign on the top  of his low slung building at the corner of Pike Ridge Road and Route 2 in Edgewater. His closing sale started with 30 percent off on Monday (July 8).

Kramer said he can’t quite pinpoint when he made the decision to close. He said he saw the writing on the wall a while back and knew he needed to help his son get settled in a career that wasn’t retail-selling-hardware. His son is settled in a line of work that should have plenty of customers for years to come (HVAC), so Kramer decided to call it a career.

Over the years, Kramer has been the go-to in the area for hard-to-find and everyday hardware supplies. He said that he saw business drop off as the demographics of 21037 and South County change. Fewer tradespeople living in the area and a clientele that liked to shop at the big box stores put a dent in business. New hardware and lumber stores that came to the area didn’t help.

He said that people would come in and say, “I knew you’d have it!” But, he said, they ended up there after going to Home Depot or other stores. “I thought, why didn’t they just come here first then?” he said.

He’ll liquidate his inventory and then close the doors for good. I for one will miss Kramer’s displays on the roof of his building.

By the way, does anyone remember what the building was prior to being ATW? Answer at the end of this story.


Real Fire Closed? Nope. Last week it looked like Real Fire Brazilian Grill in South River Colony Main Street in Edgewater had closed. There was nobody there during lunches and things kind of looked abandoned. The site, formerly Bill Bateman’s and before that No-Nos Italian is simply undergoing some renovations before reopening according to their Facebook page. They’ll be at the Liquor Board hearing in Annapolis on Tuesday (July 9), then opening soon thereafter.


Think Tank Therapy Opens. Stephanie Lowery has opened a new tutoring service that specializes in helping children with ADD and other diagnosis. Lowery is a former school teacher who also recently worked as a tutor in Millersville. She said her business model for Think Thank Therapy is different from other tutoring companies in that she provides a specialty service.

She said that she sees parents and children who have struggled for years. Many of her students come to her in middle school.

“I’d love to get them before then,” she said. “Their self esteem plummets.”

She will take students who already have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) as well as students who have not been tested or diagnosed. She said that she can help parents figure things out. Lowery has a psychologist coming to her office, located at 224 Mayo Road in Edgewater—next to the pediatrician.

Her business offers comprehensive educational and psychological evaluations and assessments, one-on-one instruction, homework support and skills retention over the summer.

Newcomers are welcome by appointment. She likes to get as much information as possible, so bring in report cards, tests, writing samples. The first meeting is without the child, where parents get the opportunity to be open—but not in earshot of the student.

‘These children are stressed, anxious and they feel like a failure,” she said.

She starts out with games and activities to build a relationship—a trust. The sessions are 45 minutes, usually twice a week. Then she gets to work on long-term skill-building.

“We want them to be life-long learners,” Lowery said. “To get the knowledge, you have to have critical thinking skills, so we do skill building. You have to figure out who they are, and use who they are to get what they want.”

She said that she wants to also interact with her student’s teachers—go to the IEP meetings, sit in on classroom observations. It gives her the whole picture. Lowery said she also wants to offer parent support groups. For more info, call 410-703-6914.



Rachel Powers stands in her new bakery, the Honey Hive.

Honey Hive Opens. The former coffee shop and deli known as Kahve Cafe closed in mid-June and about two weeks later, the Honey Hive bakery opened in the same location. The place is now run by Rachel Power, who had been operating her baking and catering business, “Cakes by Rachel” out of the Kahve. She said friends and family pitched in, repainted and reopened in a short period of time.

To start, Power has a limited menu, but she said that demand has driven some of her offerings. She wasn’t going to offer breakfast sandwiches, but then decided to after so many people asked for them. They are serving up coffee and tea as well as pastries, cake pops and bakery treats. Find Honey Hive online here and at South River Colony Main Street, 155 Mitchells Chance Road in Edgewater.  Call 443-995-1691.


Chads BBQ Opens. It didn’t take long after Wharfside restaurant on Central Avenue in Edgewater closed before Chads BBQ opened. They announced their presence early on with a big red rooster that landed in the parking lot. Then, they opened their doors to offer Edgewater its third BBQ joint, after Bayside Bull and Adams.

Chads offers two kinds of pulled pork, North Carolina vinegar and traditional sauce as well as smoked meatloaf, Texas style hot links, half chicken, spare ribs and a sample platter. Grab a cold brew and settle in for lunch or dinner. Don’t come too late though, they close the doors at 7 p.m. For more info, call 410-956-7774.


Answer to ATW trivia: The ATW hardware store was once the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). People took their driver’s tests on the streets of Southdown Shores back in the 1970s. Many thanks to Diane D. for that little nugget!


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