Police and Sheriff’s Office Initiative Brings in Dozens of Offenders

Between the dates of Aug. 14-16, 2013, officers from the Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Special Enforcement Team conducted a joint arrest-warrant apprehension initiative with deputies from the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office, according to a media release.  During the course of this initiative, a total of 32 persons were apprehended and 45 previously outstanding arrest warrants were served.  Police brought in the following people.


In South County:


  • Charles Martin Gray Jr., 30, of Hazelwood Rd, Edgewater, MD 21037; Disorderly Conduct, Malicious Destruction of Property
  • Brandon Lynch, 23, of Marlboro Road, Edgewater, for Failure to Appear – Traffic
  • Jessica Mae Crandell, 27, of Muddy Creek Rd, Churchton, MD 20733;  Failure to Appear – Criminal


In other areas of


Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office


Anne Arundel County:


  • Gary Ward Ricks, 18, of Pickering Court, Glen Burnie, for Armed Robbery, Robbery, 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, Theft
  • Wayne Lee Rathel, 45,  of Outing Ave, Pasadena, for 2nd Degree Assault
  • Christopher James Dyer, 31, of 212th Street, Pasadena, for 2nd Degree Assault, Reckless Driving
  • Steven Daniel Quayle, 24,  of  Shore Rd, Pasadena, for Violation of Probation
  • Justin Lee Rowland, 30, of Crain Hwy, Glen Burnie, for Felony Theft
  • Justin Ray Rogers, 25, of Great Bend Road, Glen Burnie, for Violation of Probation
  • John Edward Booze , 26, of Lynn Ave, Pasadena, for Failure to Appear – Criminal
  • Dawn Catterton, 25, of Seabright Drive, Annapolis, for Failure to Appear – Traffic
  • Troy Owens, 41, of Glen Road, Pasadena, for 1st Degree Sex Offense, 2nd Degree Sex Offense, 3rd Degree Sex Offense, 4th Degree Sex Offense, 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Dangerous Weapon – Intent to Injure
  • Rayvone Roho Howard, 23, of Ritchie Hwy, Pasadena,for 2nd Degree Assault (2-counts), Theft, Violation of Probation, Civil Summons – Child Support
  • Aaron Thoma, 20, of Old Riverside Road, Baltimore, for Violation of Probation
  • Mary Kroner Dominick, 51, of Rupert Circle, Brooklyn, for 2nd Degree Assault
  • Brandon Valentine Schmidt, 25, of Opel Road, Glen Burnie, for Fugitive warrant– Grand Larceny 3rd degree (Florida)
  • Mac Dewayne Rawlings, 36, of Haile Ave, Brooklyn, for Violation of Probation
  • John Joseph Betzel, 34, of Killeen Drive, Pasadena, for Theft (12-counts), Forgery-Order for Money, Goods (10-counts), Issue Counterfeit Order (10-counts), Obtain Goods, Money – Forgery (10-counts)
  • Dwayne Winston, 19, of Victory Ave, Brooklyn, for  CDS – Distribution Narcotics, CDS – Possession with Intent to Distribute, CDS – Possession
  • Durwin Patrick Dean, 39, of Morris Court, Glen Burnie, for Motor Vehicle Unlawful Taking, Theft
  • Susan Marie Basinger, 34, of Main Ave, Pasadena, for Harass; Course of Conduct, Telephone Misuse
  • Christa Justice, 36, of Range Road, Glen Burnie for Theft
  • Harry Henry Hawkins, 28, of Wyndmoor Place, Gwynn Oaks, for Failure to Appear – Traffic
  • Latonya Kimberly Dixon, 39, of North Curley St, Baltimore for Issue False Documents, Forg-Priv Documents, Obstruct/ Hinder, Theft, Violation of Probation, Failure to Appear – Criminal (2-counts)
  • Jason Patrick Teitelbaum, 27, of Little Harbor Way, Annapolis, for Violation of Probation
  • Andrew Owen Ekren, 22, of Main Ave, Glen Burnie, for 1st Degree Burglary, Theft
  • Eric Pajaun Boozer, 39, of Deerfield Court, Severn, for Failure to Appear – Traffic
  • Lacie Ann Jenkins, 24, of 213th Street, Pasadena, for Disorderly Conduct, Fail to Obey Reasonable/Lawful order
  • Tina Lynn Swauger, 37, of Parham Court, Severn, for Violation of Probation
  • Eric Thomas Jones, 32, of Mountain Road, Pasadena, for 2nd Degree Escape, 2nd Degree Assault, Resist/Interfere with Arrest, Failure to Appear – Criminal (2-counts), Failure to Appear – Traffic (3-counts)


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