Southern High’s Fashion Class Wins First Place for ‘Twister’

Move over Project Runway! Amanda Hagerman’s “Drawing for Fashion II” spring class at Southern High School just received a first place award for their wearable art creation from ManneqArt in Laurel.  As winner, the dress, designed around the theme of “Twister,” will be on display through the end of September at the Columbia Art Center in Columbia. Hagerman’s class also won $500. Hagerman will pick up the award at a celebratory gala on Sept. 29 at the Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center.

ManneqArt is an organization focused on bringing Wearable Art to the attention of the public. Through events, they strive to showcase the best in hair, makeup, costuming and digital art.

The contest theme was Earth, Air, Water  and Fire.

More to the story after these photos:

Hagerman’s group selected “Earth.” She said that in her spring class they started the project with an inspiration board covered with images of anything an everything earth.

“I knew we needed to narrow down the theme of earth to a specific concept,” she wrote in a blogpost here.

Her students came up with a list of concepts, and after a vote, the concept of “storm” won out. Students brainstormed and sketched out ideas. From there, key elements were pulled together to begin the construction of the piece.

“Our dress continuously evolved as we worked on it,” she said.

The final design of the dress is a tornado, twisting and spinning. Earthy materials like broken tree branches and other materials adorn the dress, representing the debris a tornado would pick up on its path.

Because the group felt that the dress became more about air than earth, they changed the theme to air and submitted their entry.

“The dress represents the brute strength that air possesses in a storm, and captures it in a beautiful manner,” she wrote.

Hagerman said that local hair and makeup artist Lisa Bell, owner of Nave Cosmetics helped to style the student model who wore the piece.

“We had SO much fun working on this, and I plan to make this an annual thing with my Fashion II class. I can’t wait to see what next year’s design brings!” she wrote.

This year’s themes are organics, robotics, time and motion.

The dress will be on display at the Columbia Art Center from Sept. 14 to 28. Columbia Art Center is located at 6100 Foreland Garth in Columbia. Telephone: 410-730-0075.

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