BIZ NOTES: Joy Kids Acquires Kids Farm-Mayo, Results U Buys Building on Mayo Road

Daycare provider Joy Kids Learning Center in Edgewater announced the acquisition of Kids Farm-Mayo, located at 1133 Carrs Wharf Road in Edgewater. The purchase is the first acquisition for Joy Kids, which opened two years ago on site at Joy Reigns Lutheran Church, 35 Mayo Road in Edgewater.joykids4-300x224

Melissa Fullerton, part owner and executive director of Joy Kids said that their current center is operating at capacity for their two and three-year olds. Taking on Kids Farm-Mayo will allow them to grow by giving existing families an option to move to the Mayo location, behind the Mayo Kiwanis Club.

“We have noticed over the past two years a huge need for more childcare space in Edgewater, especially for two-year-olds,” Fullerton said.

The deal is currently scheduled to close on March 31, 2014. The acquisition does not impact Kids Farm-Davidsonville, a separate entity.

Fullerton also announced an open house from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:30 on Feb. 5 at 35 Mayo Road in Edgewater for interested families. Joy Kids serves children ages two to five. For more information, visit or call them at 443-837-6001.


Results U is moving from South River Colony Marketplace to 117 Mayo Road early in the new year. Results U owner Pat Mularkey said that the building was officially purchased from Adams Ribs in mid-January. They have applied for permits and will be reuniting the two separate units — previously Slaters Dance Studio (117A) and Island Tanning (117B) as part of the construction process.

Mularkey said that the building went under contract on September 15. Although the property looks connected to Adams Ribs, it is actually a standalone building. The brick facade that appears to connect the property will be demolished as part of the build-out. They will be moving the entrance.

He said that the building was built in 1949 as a grocery store, and they’ll be restoring some of the original features, including the ceiling with wooden rafters. Mularkey said that they met with the fire marshall and the county to get the process expedited. The construction process will include gutting the interior and bringing the electric up to code. They hope to open by April 1.

He said that their functional training business has over doubled in the past two years — for both their adult and youth market. They have one affiliate, Parisi, but they will add Crossfit, NFL Play 60 and other components.

“We want to create a place where adults and kids can come and be themselves and really get fit,” he said.

Mularkey said that they have leased temporary space in South River Colony Main Street, which they will be using as their NFL Play 60 office. They will do a flag football league and have a staging space for parents to pick up gear. They will be bringing back the classic South River Fitness as part of the overall move.

Mayo Road will become the place to get fit. Mularkey’s new fitness center will join CrossFit South River (109 Mayo Road) and Edgewater Fitness (5 Mayo Road) when they move in.


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