January 2014: South County Health Department Inspections

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health recently issued the results of the January Food Inspections. We pulled out the restaurants and food service businesses in South County. There are a couple of acronyms that you should know in reading the chart. First is the type of inspection as shown in column 4 (TYPE):The Anne Arundel County health department inspects  restaurants each month.

  • ICI – Initial Comprehensive Inspection: Complete environmental inspection which includes both critical and sanitation items and food flow process (HACCP)
  • IM (1 or 2) – Monitoring Inspection: Specialized inspections performed to monitor critical steps of food handling for potentially hazardous foods.
  • R (or R2) – Reinspection

The fifth column indicates critical food safety items found to NOT be in compliance. These items must be corrected during the inspection. The numbers corresponding to the food safety item violation are listed below:

  • Number 1: Food must be obtained from an approved source.
  • Number 2: Food must be protected from adulteration, spoilage and contamination.
  • Number 3: Food workers must be restricted during illness or infection.
  • Number 4: Food workers must practice effective handwashing.
  • Number 5: Food must be properly cooled.
  • Number 6a: Food must be held at proper cold holding temperature. All existing refrigeration equipment must maintain the internal temperature of potentially hazardous food at 41 degrees F or less.
  • Number 6b: Food must be held at proper hot holding temperature.
  • Number 7a: Food must be cooked to proper temperature.
  • Number 7b: Food must be reheated to proper temperture.
  • Number 8: Potable hot and cold running water must be provided.
  • Number 9: Sewage must be properly discharged.

The sixth column indicates whether a re-inspection is required (yes or no). The inspections took place between January 1 and 31, 2014. Not all restaurants are inspected each month.

1.9.2014 Arby’s 78295 Mayo Road, Edgewater IM1
1.16.2014 Bayside Bull BBQ and Catering 108 West Central Avenue, Edgwater R
1.28.2014 Bella Sera 3279 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater ICI  5  Y
1.27.2014 BPO Elks #2528 6022 Drum Point Road, Deale ICI
1.16.2014 Chipolte Mexican Grill #1488 3046 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater IM1
Chipolte Mexican Grill #1488
3046 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater IM2 6a Y
1.31.2014 Chipolte Mexican Grill #1488 3046 Solomons Island road, Edgewater R2 6a Y
1.14.2014 Davidsonville BP 551 West Central Avenue, Davidsonville ICI Y
1.23.2014 Davidsonville BP 551 West Central Avenue, Davidsonville R
1.23.2014 Duffy’s III 1371 Marlboro Road, Lothian IM1
1.29.2014 Giant Food #308 13 Lee Airpark Drive, Edgewater IM1
1.15.2014 Greene Turtle of Annapolis 3213 Airpark Drive, Edgewater IM1
1.29.2014 Happy House Pizza Chicken & Beef 5720 Unit F Deale Churchton Road, Deale IC1
1.15.2014 Ledo Pizza 3072 Solomons Island, Edgewater IC1 Y
1.3.2014 Lil’ Abner’s Fresh Seafood & Catering 1371 Marlboro Road, Lothian  IC1 Y
1.6.2014 Lil’ Abner’s Fresh Seafood & Catering 1371 Marlboro Road, Lothian  R  Y
1.6.2014 Little Caesar’s #7713 3255 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater  IC1
1.15.2014  Nova Sushi Bar & Asian Fusion 3257 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater  IM2
1.8.2014  Popeyes of Edgewater 98 East Central Avenue, Edgewater  IM2
1.23.2014  Ranger Sales Corp. 1378 Mt. Zion Road, Lothian  IC1
1.16.2014 Safeway Fuel Station #2608 78 Central Avenue, Edgewater  IC1
1.24.2014 Saigon Palace 10 mayo road, Edgewater  IM2
1.29.2014 Skipper Pier Restaurant & Dock Bar 6158 Drum Point Road, deale  IC1  6a  Y
1.9.2014 Subway 11 Leepark Drive, Suite #400, Edgewater  IM2
1.30.2014 Swamp Circle Saloon 5471 Muddy Creek Road, Churchton  IM1
1.9.2014 Watermans Tavern 141 Mayo Road, Edgewater  IM2

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