Traffic Stop in Edgewater Nearly Takes a Deadly Turn for Police Detectives

A traffic stop that began at the intersection of Route 2 and Mayo Road in Edgewater nearly turned deadly when the suspect in the vehicle nearly ran over three Anne Arundel County Police detectives and sped off at a high rate of speed, according to a media release from police spokesman Justin Mulcahy. The suspect was arrested the next day in Annapolis along with another suspect who was charged with attempting to distribute crack cocaine.

The traffic stopped happened around 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 18 (last Tuesday), when Southern District Tactical Patrol Detectives conducted a traffic stop for driving over the road lines on Mayo Road at Route 2. The detectives approached the car, identified themselves and then started to explain the reason for the stop.

Rashad Snowden

Rashad Snowden

Dirk Terrell

Dirk Terrell

Detectives asked the suspect to turn off the engine, but instead, he threw the car into reverse and turned the wheels toward two detectives, who were able to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. Then the driver put the vehicle in drive and veered to the left, nearly hitting another detective. The driver then drove down Route 2 at a high rate of speed. Police were unable to find the driver.

Through investigative means, police identified the suspect as Dirk Terrell, Jr., 24, of Royal Street in Annapolis. Police got an arrest warrant and charged him with three counts of attempt second degree murder, first degree assault, reckless endangerment as well as seventeen traffic charges. Terrell also had three additional arrest warrants, Mulcahy said.

Terrell was found the next day (Feb. 24) at the Best Western Hotel in the 2500 block of Riva Road in Annapolis, according to the media release. There, police detectives from the Southern Tactical Patrol and the Special Enforcement Team went to a room on the first floor where they set up covert surveillance, then got a search and seizure warrant.

A little after 5 p.m., the Special Operations Section forced entry into the room and took Terrell into custody along with a second suspect, Rashad Shashid Snowden, 26, of Madison Street in Annapolis.

Mulcahy said that Snowden had an open warrant for failure to appear. He was also found with 25.2 grams of crack cocaine with a street value of $2,500 and 4.6 grams of marijuana, valued at around $100.  Police charged Snowden with possession crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine with the intent to distribute, possession of marijuana and false statement to police officer upon arrest.


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