Ducklings Successfully Rescued at Edgewater Post Office on Monday

Edgewater photographer Jan Gratz was on hand Monday to witness and document the successful rescue of nine ducklings that fell into a stormwater grate at the Edgewater Post Office. Gratz said that a mother duck and her nine ducklings were crossing the parking lot when the ducklings fell in.

photo 1(2)

The ducklings were taken out of the stormwater drain and put in a postal box.

“The mama duck was quacking up a storm,” Gratz said.

She said it was then that ten peopled stopped what they were doing to rescue the ducks.

An employee of the Edgewater Post Office brought out a letter box and two men lifted up the grate on the stormwater drain. One climbed in and got the ducklings into the box.

photo 3(1)

Mama duck was quacking up a storm when she lost her ducklings.

Since the duck and her ducklings were headed towards the big pond across the street, the duckling rescuers took the rescued ducklings across Stepneys Lane. The other people who were assisting in the rescue rounded up the mother duck, then got her to follow the man who was carrying the ducklings in the box.

“Cars stopped in both directions,” Gratz said, while the crew made their way safely across the street.

“It was awesome,” Gratz said.

photo 2(2)

The ducklings were put in a box for transport to the pond across the street.






photo 4(1)

The ducklings were collected in a postal box.

photo 5(1)

Come along, mama duck. We’ll keep your ducklings safe.

photo 1(3)

Mama duck followed her brace of ducklings.

photo 3(2)

The ducklings were coaxed out of the box and joined the mama duck.

photo 2(3)
The ducklings were reunited with mama duck at the pond.
photo 4(2)

Mama and her ducklings wandered off — together.

photo 5(2)

Into the water they went.




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