HOT SHOTS: Southern Signature Business Partners Honored in Deale

Anne Arundel County Board of Education member Kevin Jackson stopped by Reilly Benefits in Deale to honor the members of the business community who support Southern High School’s Signature program. The business partners, Jackson said, work with students and teachers to bring real world connections to the curriculum at the Harwood school.

School board member Kevin Jackson with Ray Greenstreet.

School board member Kevin Jackson with Ray Greenstreet.

Southern’s Signature program, “Design: Preservation and Innovation,” will begin in the fall with a course designed with the help of these members of the committee known as the Integrated Community Stakeholders Team (ICST).

Some of the members honored include Ray Greenstreet of Greenstreet Gardens in Lothian, David Reilly of Reilly Benefits in Deale and Ann Wolfe, a retiree and active member of the South County community.

Not pictured, but also honored: Wes Stinchcomb, Ewesley Design; Lynette Entzian, Locust Lane Farms; Jack Weaver, Jacob Weaver Architecture; Amanda Hostalka, Stevenson University School of Design and Maria Barbosa, Global Arts Integration Network.

Kevin Jackson with Reilly.

Kevin Jackson with Reilly.

Meghan Hryniewicz is the Signature program coordinator at Southern High. She said that a Signature Program is designed to connect classroom instruction with real-world situations and workforce-relevant skills. Students will become design-thinkers with vital workforce skills, such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

The fall course is called “Design Explorations I.” During the summer, teachers and members of the ICST will continue writing the course curriculum.

“The program will integrate aspects of Graphic Design, Media Design, Architecture, Urban Planning, Watershed Management, Agriculture Design, Landscape Architecture and Design,” Hryniewicz said.

Kevin Jackson with Ann Wolfe.

Kevin Jackson with Ann Wolfe.

The community business partners and the teacher curriculum writers do this summer will translate into meaningful classroom experiences for students enrolled in the program, she said.

Meaghan, Jackson, Grenstreet, Wolfe and Reilly.

Meaghan Hryniewicz, Kevin Jackson, Ray Greenstreet, Ann Wolfe and David Reilly.


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