About Us

South River Source. Three simple words with one big South Riverassignment: to cover news and events in southern Anne Arundel County.

Yup. Everything south of the South River, right on down to the Calvert County line.

Our goal is to cover schools, sports, businesses, events and local news that is happening in our area.

If you cross the South River Bridge in Edgewater, or cross the county line in Lothian or Davidsonville, you are in our territory.

Accurate information can be the glue that holds a community together. Misinformation can be just the opposite. We live here, so we have a stake in how news is presented.

Founders Mitchelle Stephenson and Cynthia Giorgio both share of love of community news and a respect for readers.

Join us, won’t you? We hope this new venture will be great for readers, writers, photographers, parents, businessmen and women, consumers, diners, realtors, everyone living and working in southern Anne Arundel County.

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