Praise for South River Source

From: Nora T.

Just a quick note to thank you for your coverage of our “Hoot Is In Your Backyard” fundraiser.   Close to three times as many attended this year, as had the previous year.  Thought you’d want to know that you made a difference. We raised over $1200 for children’s programming at Jug Bay!


Thumbs Up for South River Source!

From: Bob S.

Hi Mitchelle!

I am so glad to have found SouthRiverSource.

We really missed you reporting after you left the Patch. It had become essential, but now is nearly irrelevant. I’ll be checking daily now.

Thanks and best wishes for success!


From: Kristen H.

So excited to see the both of you venture out on your own with something you are truly passionate about. Your writing on The Patch showed that. I missed seeing you both on there and just found out last night that you started South River Source. Congrats to the both of you and well wishes for a lot of success! I can’t wait to watch this business grow!


From: Jane S.

Hello Mitchelle,

I did not properly thank you after you published your article about me and my work.  You did an outstanding job.  You are an excellent writer and really got what I said.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!  Have a good weekend.


From Yvette G.

Hi Mitchelle,

I am so glad I found this site! I have always found the patch informative and enjoyed keeping up with local news.  I could tell something had changed.  I wish the new guy lots of luck however nice to read the SRS great news.


From: Amy S.

Thank you so much Cynthia!!  I love your article!  I have already had a few inquiries about it.  Thanks again!  I really appreciate it.

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