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Southern’s Principal Not Returning to School After Brief Hiatus

Any number of students at Southern High School have been hoping for weeks that Principal Marc Procaccini would return to the school after an abrupt and unexplained departure in January. On Tuesday, March 18, students at the school learned that their beloved principal would not be coming back at all this year. In a letter […]

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Central Middle School to Parents: After Knife Incident, Remind Your Kids of Consequences

Acting principal at Central Middle School in Edgewater, Sharon Morell has had to send two letters home to parents in the space of less than one month regarding knives brought into school. In Friday’s letter, Morell said that several students reported a student in possession of a knife during lunch. The student was found and […]

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Central Middle School Sends Letter to Parents After Student Brings a Knife to School

Parents, please remind your children of the serious consequences to bringing weapons of any kind to school. Nobody was injured in today’s incident at Central Middle School, but this student will surely face disciplinary action. The letter that went home to parents is at the bottom of this story. On Feb. 7 of this year, […]

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Lego League ‘South County Showdown’ on Dec. 15 at South River High

FIRST Lego League‘s South County Showdown, hosted by the South River High School’s PowerHawks Robotics Club, is taking place on Dec. 15 at South River High in Edgewater. The fun kicks off at 9 a.m. and runs all day (until 5 p.m.). FIRST Lego League is an international robotics competition for elementary and middle school […]

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Lothian Elementary School Got Bulldozed This Week

Lothian Elementary School stood tall and proud for nearly six decades. It came crashing down this week with the help of some bulldozers and demolition crews. The school will be rebuilt and students—who are now attending their elementary school classes at Southern Middle School—will come back in a couple of years. The school budget tallies […]

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Schools Offer Information Sessions on Magnet Programs on Sept. 24

Anne Arundel County Public Schools is offering parents and students an opportunity to check out magnet programs for the next school year. Fifth and eighth graders are eligible to enroll in these programs in the spring. These informational sessions will allow families to review the offerings and make the best decision for their child’s academic […]

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