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BLOG: Thankful for Our School Staff in the Aftermath of Sandy Hook

When I heard about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. How could someone commit such an evil act against innocent teachers and elementary school children? I kept asking myself what is wrong with our society? How does something like this continue to happen to […]

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Candlelight Vigil at Davidsonville Elementary Honored Connecticut Shooting Victims

Shannon Nye and her two children Joe and Isabel attended the Candlelight Vigil organized by Janice Shuster on Saturday evening at Davidsonville Elementary School. “Having a kindergartner really hits close to home,” she said. Nye said that she explained the Connecticut school shooting tragedy to her children by telling them, “sometimes people just do bad […]

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County School Leaders Issue Statement in Wake of Connecticut Shooting

Anne Arundel County Public SchoolsSuperintendent Kevin Maxwell, Board President Andrew Pruski and School system leaders issued the following statement in the wake of the Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: The horrific mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school has stoked fear in the hearts of every parent, child, teacher, and school system employee. Our heartfelt thoughts […]

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