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FITNESS BLOG: Our Couch to 5K – Week Seven

Here we are in week seven of our Couch to 5K fitness program. Race day is Saturday morning. Best of luck! Week Seven: Monday: 2 mi. walk, 40 min. jog, 5 min walk. Easy pace. Tuesday: Cross training or rest Wednesday: 12 min. jog, 20 min. run, 5 min walk. Moderate pace. Thursday: Cross training […]

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Early Chesapeake Settlers Meal of Thanksgiving: Boar, Turkey, Deer and Bald Eagle?

Rod Cofield, executive director of Historic London Town and Gardens briefed me a few years ago about what “meals of thanksgiving” (a generic term) might have been like in the early colonial era. While many associate the historical kickoff of Thanksgiving with a 1621 truce between Pilgrims and Indians in the Plymouth and Cape Cod […]

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Holiday Schedule for Curbside Recycling and Garbage Collection

The holidays always throw me off when it comes to putting out my garbage cans and recyclables for curbside pick up.  Somehow, I always forget to check the holiday schedule and end up making a trip to the local landfill or have to wait until the following week’s scheduled collection. To make it easier for […]

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What’s Going On: Nov. 22-Dec. 1: 5Ks, Craft Fairs, Chistmas Crafts and Turkeys

Here are a few of the events happening this weekend in South County. Check our Calendar of Events for a more complete listing. If you’ve got something you want added to our Calendar or “What’s Going On,” please email Mitchelle@southriversource.com or call 410-353-4706. We’re happy to add it in as quickly as our fingers can […]

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Hot Rods and Homemade Pies on Thanksgiving

There are many traditions celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. Some folks participate in 5Ks while others snuggle up on the couch and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then there’s the “Pie Run.” Now if you are asking yourself, “what is a pie run?” here’s the scoop. Originally planned as a way to get husbands out […]

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Deale’s Cedar Grove Church Buys Thanksgiving Supper for 25 Needy South County Families

That headline is just a tad misleading. That’s because Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in Deale doesn’t just buy Thanksgiving dinner for 25 families. They also provide those same 25 families with Christmas dinner. Ingrid Quimby-High is the coordinator for the Holiday Sharing program at Cedar Grove. The program is coordinated with the Anne Arundel […]

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